Mesmerizing. Captivating. Charming. Alluring.

These words have one thing in common – they all describe roses! Everyone will agree for sure since roses are unanimously the common choice when you want to impress and express through flowers.
Moreno Valley Florist Shop loves roses the way you do. Our collection of roses showcases the class and charm of different varieties of roses entwined with the creative concepts of our talented florists.
Check out our Roses flower catalogue in our website and find some comfort and reassurance in the timeless beauty of roses. Add some fun and flavour with our extra items. Roses are always a delight to pair with cute teddy bears, box of chocolates, perky balloons, and even a bottle of sparkling wine!
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In the meantime, let’s talk about YOU. Aside from giving roses to special someone, a best friend, a colleague, or a new neighbour you want to welcome – did you ever think of buying roses for yourself? We think you deserve it!

For every mood you have, Moreno Valley Florist Shop has a rose arrangement for you.

Are you in love?

That’s great to hear! Pair this dreamy feeling with our very affordable Fall In Love rose arrangement. It’s an affirmation of your romantic emotions and a great companion for you to savour the thrilling feeling of desiring someone. This sultry floral ensemble already comes in a chic plum glass vase with a sassy burgundy ribbon.

Are you lonely?

Problems may bring you down but there is always a reason to look at the bright side of things. The colors and fragrance of roses can keep you company, just like the one showcased in our Roses in Vogue. It has not only one but three hues of roses all bundled up, ready to uplift your spirit.

Got a promotion?
Get yourself something to remind you of such an admirable feat. Adorn your home with Tropical Bliss, to represent the bliss you feel for getting that promotion! Tropical Bliss gives you the calm appeal of white Asiatic lilies, lavender roses, and green chrysanthemums set beautifully inside a rectangular bamboo vase.

Holding a formal event?

Roses are in the list of the most requested flowers for table centerpieces. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or a graduation party, Moreno Valley Florist Shop can deliver flowers in bulk for your floral decoration needs. We highly recommend our Romantic Garden. Oozing with colors and fragrance of roses, hydrangeas, and lilies, this floral show will is absolutely a stunner in formal affairs!

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