Feeling tired, stressed, and down? Have something to look forward to upon coming home – get some plants decorated at your home or office and feel the difference it makes. You can count on Moreno Valley Florist Shop to bring you the most refreshing plants and flowers in town. Trust us and take our word for it – we guarantee you our exceptional service and high-quality products.

Enough about us, how are you? If you are feeling ok, that’s great but what if there’s someone you know who needs a breather - something that can alleviate some stress from their busy day to day activities? You know the answer – they need plants!

Our plants are carefully grown and harvested before it undergoes the skillful hands of our florists. They arrange the plants just the way you want it. The lush greens of our plant collection will take you back to nature, something that you need every now and then.

Give it to someone or buy for yourself, anything goes, all that matters is that you have given yourself the chance to reap the benefits of plants.

Cleanse the air

If you want your home or workplace to have clean air, the easy option is to put plants around your place. Plants have the ability to purify the air and get rid of toxins such as cigarette smoke and harmful chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde which is present in most household items. We recommend our Dish Garden, a variety of potted plants that can complement you office surroundings.

Breathe fresher air

Our body needs oxygen and plants can provide this for us and since we provide the carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis, this makes plants indispensable for us and vice-versa. The more plants present in your living space, the more oxygen you will get. Our Lush Basket is just perfect for your living room space.

Have healthier body

Plants aid in recovery from sickness and that has been proven many times especially in hospital rooms. It also applies in work settings with plants where employees reported to have less sickness. Get this health benefit from an all-around plant arrangement of our Basket Glory.

Now you know the advantages, but how many do you need? Experts say that for health benefits, a large potted plant will do for every 100 square feet space. For cleansing the air, 15-18 plants will do for an average sized house.
Think wise, think healthy, beautify your space with our artful plant arrangements.

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