Good news! You are about to be a new godparent to a bouncing baby girl!

Oh yes, that is probably one of the most heartwarming things you can ever hear in your life. Being chosen and trusted to be the second parent of a new bundle of joy is a big responsibility yet a big joy to experience. Celebrate this fantastic event with breathtaking flowers delivered by Moreno Valley Florist Shop New Baby flower collection. Our floral gift packages don’t stop with mesmerizing flowers, we also have cute and cool gifts for baby and mom!

If you are already a parent, you have an idea how overwhelming it is to spend the days succeeding childbirth. It is a mixture of a lot of emotions – there is joy, excitement and on one hand, anxiety and stress from sleepless nights. Stress from childbirth is certainly normal but flowers can lighten up the mood anytime you need it.

Help the parents de-stress and fight negativity with a whiff of their favorite floral scent, our extraordinary florists are always thrilled to serve you with the new baby flowers they have designed and carefully handcrafted for the deserving mom and her newborn.

Welcome the presence of the newest addition in the family with Bunny Cuddles Bouquet, a sure show-stopper, this floral gift with assorted vibrant flowers will surely set the mood for such a happy moment.

Congratulate a mother for a job well done with Magic Happens. This pastel floral ensemble is more than pretty, a perfect tribute to someone who has proven that pain can also bring so much happiness – in the form of a wonderful newborn child!

Moms who have undergone childbirth undergoes a whirlpool of emotions, one of which is being a little depressed and anxious. Uplift her spirits with Bright Sunrise Bouquet. The radiance of white and yellow blossoms will serve as reassurance that everything will be ok and that she can handle a beautiful kind of stress – that is motherhood.

Need something awesome for a baby girl or baby boy? We have a Baby Flower Wagon for girls and one for boys. You can give this when you visit a friend who just gave birth or during a baby shower and gender announcement.

More gifts, more love and more fun! That is what you get when you complement your chosen floral gift with our irresistible extra items like balloons, chocolates, and a sweet, cuddly teddy bear!

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