Gift Baskets

When you give gifts, go all-out and creative. People like receiving something awesome at the same time something that would feed them – literally! Moreno Valley Florist Shop offers you a most-wanted collection of gift baskets featuring delicious and healthy treats for your recipient who is probably waiting now at their doorstep.

How can I order? It’s easy! All of our products are up and running on our website and all you have to do is choose and pay via your Paypal account or VISA, Mastercard, or American Express cards. You can pre-order or order for same day delivery. We’re excited for you because we know that your recipient will be delighted in these for-sharing gift basket treats!

What gift basket should I give? We get it, with all the good choices; we don’t blame you if you find it a little hard to choose. Moreno Valley Florist Shop is prepared for that dilemma; we’d like to share some gift-giving tips for you and your recipients.

Know your recipient. A basic fact in gift-giving is to give something that your recipient will like. Is she fond of chocolates? Is he vegan? Do they drink alcohol? These are some of the questions you might want to ask yourself before selecting a gift basket for your loved ones or friends. For chocolate lovers, we have Opulent Indulgence; for vegan friends, you can send our Healthy Fruit & Nut Basket at $53 only; and last but not least is our 3 Strikes Ballgame Basket, a treat for those who are fond of beer matched with savoury snacks. Learn more about our gift basket selection in our website product catalogue.

Once you have cleared these, then off to the next tip.

Know their schedule. This is important especially if you want your gift to have a strong impact on your recipient. It would be a downer if you deliver the gift only to be received by the babysitter or the receptionist. Make this one special and have the gift basket delivered during the time when your recipient is available tor receive it with a loud squeal of joy.

Do a follow-up. Some would see gift deliveries as the representation of the sender’s lazy bone to give gifts but you can prove them wrong. Every time you send gifts, always make it a point to write a short sweet message along with your gift and ask your recipient if they have gotten your gift already. This will show your recipient that you really care about them.

Have fun shopping!

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