What do you plan today?

There are many things you can do but one thing you should consider is how you can make someone feel important. You can be busy at work but you should always have time to make an effort to reach out to the people you care about. We know how you can do it; send them a fabulous bouquet delivered by Moreno Valley Florist Shop.

You may have encountered countless bouquets before, yes; flowers can truly sweep the hearts of anyone who receives it. However, we want you to try something original, something fresh. Here at Moreno Valley Florist Shop, we ensure that each handcrafted bouquet is a gathering of fresh cut flowers from local farms. This means that the flower bouquets we deliver to you and your recipients will remain fresh from harvest to arrangement until the delivery process.

In a lifetime, there are numerous events where flowers serve as a present, a tribute, or an exquisite ornament. It’s a good day today and we are all giddy to give you some recommendations when it comes to giving bouquets in a particular event.


Wooing someone and would like to express your intentions without coming off over-confident? Give her some Hugs & Kisses, we mean our flowers not the real thing (yet). This endearing bouquet has pink carnations, red roses, daisy spray chrysanthemums brushed with green foliage. It’s ready for display so the apple of your eye can easily be reminded of how sweet you are.

Get well wishes

If going personally in the hospital to visit a sick loved one is not an option, you can have a stunning bouquet delivered instead. Flowers are known to be effective in making people feel good and this can help in having a speedy recovery. We recommend Magic Happens, an all-around flower arrangement full of vibrant spring roses. If it makes your loved one feel better, it’s not magic but it’s the flowers!

Saying Sorry

Apologizing to someone is a hard thing to do for many, some say it through a letter but for those who don’t know the right words to write and say, they opt for flowers. Flowers may not be able to speak but it surely describes how genuine one’s apologies are just like our Sphere of Smiles which can effortlessly make anyone mad, soften up and smile.

Choose what’s best for your recipient, order a bouquet now at Moreno Valley Florist Shop.

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