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  • Waltzing With Daises By Lily's Florist Moreno Valley

    Waltzing With Daises By Lily's Florist Moreno...

    From $45

    Spontaneous, emotional, and splurge perhaps? Treat that special someone now!

  • Kisses


    From $45

  • A Little Caribbean

    A Little Caribbean

    From $45

  • Birthday Brilliance

    Birthday Brilliance

    From $50

    Treat a special person or loved one with this Moreno Valley florist specialty! A birthday ...

  • Dare To Wish

    Dare To Wish

    From $50

    Smooth, refreshing, and no doubt caring to the max. Show your appreciation and love for so...

  • Lilac Surprise By Moreno Valley Florist

    Lilac Surprise By Moreno Valley Florist

    From $50

    Featuring roses, daises, and chrysanthemums. Same day Moreno Valley florist delivery.

  • Cuddles - Lily's Florist Moreno Valley

    Cuddles - Lily's Florist Moreno Valley

    From $50

    Dainty, cuddly, and the perfect flower gift for someone you deeply care about or love.

  • Festive Fun

    Festive Fun

    From $55

    Presented in a mug designed for a party this bouquet is all about getting the party starte...

  • Lush Purples

    Lush Purples

    From $60

    Does someone special love lavender? This enchanting bouquet of lavender roses accented wit...

  • Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue

    From $69

    Gorgeous red blooms make this bouquet fantastic and perfect especially for their inexpensi...

  • Designers Delight

    Designers Delight

    From $70

    Soft heavenly roses and daisies make this bouquet irresistible.

  • It's A Kind Of Magic

    It's A Kind Of Magic

    From $70

    This ethereal bouquet will put a spell on anyone.



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Want to Know About Us?

Want to know about creating your own happiness in the company of beautiful flowers? Moreno Valley Florist Shop will allow you to accomplish it – just the way you like it!

No fussing and no ingenious restrictions – only a thorough journey to express yourself with Moreno Valley flowers.

Like any action when giving, sending a gift of flowers should relay a warm feeling of accomplishment to you as a donor and the recipient should receive that feeling of being loved and cared-for. 

Poets have always praised Moreno Valley flowers in their poems while painters display lakes, moonlight and lotus flowers as their themes in renaissance paintings. Likewise, maybe diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but Moreno Valley flowers come in as a very close second! Floral science is also discovering new species of Moreno Valley flowers each day.

Intrigued! Well, fresh cut flowers and dried flowers are found to have been unsurpassed for gifting on numerous occasions as well as decorating the home and office.

Then there was the appearance of the German expression: “etwas durch die Blume sagen”, with a literal translation as: “to say something through the flower”, or actually, “saying something in a roundabout way”.

Something can also be ‘flowery’ in a negative or positive way in the English language, signifying ‘full of literary or elaborate words or phrases’. Equally, in the German language, to say something ‘unflowery’ (unverblumt), is to talk frankly, without disguise.  

Moreno Valley Florist Shop's floral artists are zealous about fashioning stunning flower gifts, not only for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Weddings, Christmas, Valentines, Love and Romance, but for Graduations, Get Well, Congratulations, New Baby and Sympathy; in fact, whatever the event, Lily’s Florist Moreno Valley designers will stay with you all the way to bring your idea into a reality.  

By the way, if you are seeking uncommon exotic Moreno Valley flowers, lasting carnations, serene lilies, tantalizing tulips, extravagant roses, fresh freesias, cheerful sunflowers, sunny gerberas or gorgeous table arrangements, you will find it in their Moreno Valley Florist Shop internet site. Being also an online florist Moreno Valley Florist Shop wants to help you achieve that perfect gift; so please get in touch with their Customer Service in Moreno Valley.

Moreno Valley Florist Shop is a delivery florist service – and yes, they do specialize in producing elegant, practical Moreno Valley flower arrangements, whatever some others may think! Really, their love for flowers drives who they are and what they do … each day.

And there’s more! Something surprising has happened! Moreno Valley Florist Shop is fully committed on having your floral gift delivered hassle-free! At Moreno Valley Florist Shop we yearn to offer unrivaled service. 

Moreno Valley Florist Shop has your beautiful floral bouquet arrive on time with their stress-free delivery and customer service. Basically, with their well-known staff of qualified Moreno Valley florists they guarantee they are with you by phone, text or email – your choice!

Their outstanding assortment of Moreno Valley flowers for delivery carefully handpicked and delivered fresh daily, will accommodate all your requirements in floral gifting.

Truly, when you get down to it, Moreno Valley Florist Shop has a full assortment of expressly selected flowers that can be delivered as a same-day service. Would you believe Moreno Valley Florist Shop only deliver the very finest quality flowers to give their customers complete satisfaction?

If your loved one or friend is staying at the Hospital, it is very easy to organize a flower delivery online or by phone, and their accomplished florists could be conveying a beautiful bouquet of fresh Moreno Valley flowers to the hospital within a matter of hours.

Discover Moreno Valley, California

Situated in the Riverside County and as part of the San Bernardino-Riverside urban region, is the city of Moreno Valley. Being a comparatively new city, its speedy development from the 1980s to 2000s made it the second-largest city by the populace, in Riverside County. The 2010 population of the city is reported to be 193,365.

The Moreno Valley region was originally colonized 2,300 years ago showing at the minimum 190 primitive archaeological sites in the city. The bulk of the locations were milling stations, where chaparral seed was the leading milling involvement. Rock art, comprising petroglyphs and pictographs are current, although the majority of the petroglyphs in Moreno Valley include boulders.

Spanish guides originally came across descendants of the Luiseno and Shoshone Indian tribes, even though the Cahuilla and Serrano tribes were in the zone. Spanish pathfinders discovered a number of trails in the region, comprising the Anza Trail, which goes through the Edgemont region of the current Moreno Valley.

The history of the societies that developed into the city dates further back into the late 1800s. Since then, the city has realized rapid progress powered by a military complex and rows of territory homes that made the nationwide bulletin. Also, thought-provoking stories are all about how the city streets were named, what was originally on the location of today’s mall, and why there is a big “M” on Box Springs Mountain.

On December 3, 1984, Moreno Valley turn into a city, shaped out of what were initially three societies:  Sunnymead, Moreno and Edgemont. The name of Moreno arose from the Spanish word for Brown: ‘moreno’.

In 1890, a civil engineer and co-founder of Redlands, Frank E. Brown, aided in establishing the community. In 1891, his water company constructed a pipeline conveying water to the zone from Bear Valley. He and other stakeholders strategized acres of the valley for growing grapes, citrus and other fruit.

The development company of Brown surveyed the chief roads in alphabetical order, in a grid pattern.

From east to west, Virginia Street to Day Street, several of which are baptized for the town’s innovative investors. Heading north, from Alessandro Boulevard, the streets arrive at their names from trees: Bay, Dracaena, Cottonwood and others. Other botanical names south of Alessandro are: Cactus, Brodieaa, Delphinium, etc.

Thanks to drought and lawsuits over water rights, the water from Bear Valley soon dried up, and by 1900, the expanse was nicknamed the “City on Wheels” as steam-powered tractors towed up to 100 homes in one year down the grade to Riverside.


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